Our services

Geopolitical Intelligence

Geopolitical intelligence activities are necessary to assess the application context, possible threats, develop predictive algorithms and to map the actors involved in order to prevent potential crisis contexts.

UAS Technologies

The proposed UAS technologies are the most innovative on the market and suitable for all kinds of government, military and police activities to be applied in different scenarios with the best price-performance ratio.

C-UAS Technologies

C-UAS technologies reflect the need of self defense in an asymmetric and unconventional scenario. C-UAS often require applicability of special effectors in a civil context, in peace-time without limiting the legitimate use of the segregated airspace and avoid collateral damages. 

Drone Digital Forensics

Drone digital forensics allows UAS on board and controller information to be extracted and admitted as criminal evidence in Court. 

Legal Advice

The regulations for the use of UAS and C-UAS are very complex and often uncharted. A preliminary study of the regulatory framework can be achieved by our experts.

COMSEC solutions

Security solutions for law enforcement and armed forces operations and communications, including in interoperability contexts.

Blockchain Data Dissemination

Secure communication and information sharing platform useful for synoptic and tactical interpretation, including C2 in perspective of national and trans-national interoperability requirements and activities.

IMINT solutions (real-time and off-line)

Imagery Intelligence (IMINT) allows the interpretation of satellite and drones images which can be integrated with additional tactical information layers and video sources.

SORA - Specific Operations Risk Assessment

SORA is the risk mitigation based line necessary to optimize risk factors during mission executions.